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Why hiring a photographer that understands light is important – Boise Photographer

Light is very important to a photographer, as light is needed to capture those wonderful images that you see on this website.  People often ask when the best time to take photos are and I tell them, one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset which is called “Golden Hour”.  Most “Natural Light Photographers” will only shoot during this time for two reasons, the light is gorgeous at these times but the main reason for most is from inexperience and not owning any external lighting.  Now don’t get me wrong there are “Natural Light Photographers” I personally know who do a wonderful job at what they do and it is their preference but they also understand light and how to manipulate it.

I do love natural “golden hour” light and use it when I can but most of the time you need another light source to fill in the shadows left from the natural light.  Some will use a reflector to accomplish this, personally I will use a flash as I can get it exactly where I need it in any lighting condition.  I consider myself an “All Light” photographer as I know how to manipulate the light and I know how to use artificial light if needed no matter what time of day it is. I find it very important to be able to shoot in all lighting situations and knowing what my camera needs to be set on to create awesome images.  I find this very important in wedding photography as you never know how the light will be at the given time and you cannot tell a bride when to get married.

There are a ton of photographers out there to choose from and looking at the price shouldn’t be the only reason you decide to hire a professional.  Look at their images and compare them to others and make an informed decision.  My advice is to be careful when hiring someone who markets themselves strictly as a “Natural Light Photographer” especially for weddings as light is always changing and sometimes not very cooperative.

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