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Mentoring & Workshops

These  programs are for photographers only!

We are very excited that starting in 2013 that we will be offering photography workshops and one on one mentoring sessions.  We will address three very important points.  The business brand & marketing, camera and technical operations, and creativity to make your own style of photography.  If you need more information please email and he will get you on the list and keep you informed on dates and classes.  We are also excited that we will be doing a live mentoring wedding shoot next year for those of you who want a chance to see if wedding photography is right for you.

If you are looking for one on one mentoring before our official classes start, contact and let him know what you are looking to learn and we can give you a direct price quote.  One on one mentoring consists of a 4 to 6 hour day usually a weekend that we will spend on marketing, branding, and then spend the rest of the day on a few live shoots. We will concentrate on whatever aspect you are looking to learn for these classes but we will always end it with a live portrait session with a model.  You will be allowed to use your photos from the shoot to use for your portfolio.  This is perfect for portfolio building.

We are also teaming up with another photographer to plan some great photo adventures here in Idaho and abroad.  Places such as Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Teton National Park, and some other wonderful places to capture nature and some pretty awesome landscapes.  We are also planning some photo ventures to Africa, Italy, and Ireland in the near future.  The difference between these and other photo ventures you have seen in the magazines is our goal is to make it affordable for most avid photographers.  We are working with a travel consultant to find us the best travel deals avaialable.