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Senior Photography

One of the greatest times in a teens life is their senior year in high school.  They are one step closer in making those steps into adulthood.  Your senior year should be the best year of your life.  We at Crane Studio Imaging completely understand this and have been photographing Treasure Valley Seniors for years.  No one wants those boring photos that we are so used to seeing.  We also understand that some schools require those types of photos and we are more than willing to accommodate the requirements by the school for one of the photos.  Our goal is for fun and we want you senior photos to show off who you are as a person and a senior to your friends and families through our images we create.

We have you fill out a questionnaire so we know what you are looking for in your photos and type of style.  Then enjoy a 60-120 minute session in one of our wonderful outdoor locations.  We urge you to bring your friends, pets, props, or anything that make you who you are.  We also have a pretty awesome referral program where not only your parent earns print credit towards their orders but you can earn gift cards to many local stores.

We believe so much in our senior program that we have created a dedicated website for Boise and Treasure Valley seniors.  Our website is

Come have the Ultimate Senior Experience with Crane Studio Imaging.